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(Vis:Calcula) ® develops and sells java components for data
  • VISualizations and
  • CALCULAtions in diagrams.
These highly interactive components can be used as stand-alone applications, as java components in your own programs or as applets in your internet sites.

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Example 1: diagram with projected 3D function
Example_XY_2.jpgExample 2: diagram as SVG
Example_XY_1.svgExample 3: XY diagram closed data regions:
Some features of (Vis:Calcula) ®:
  • Highly interactive: mouse operations, drag & drop, zooming, translating
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Exact layouting
  • Highly precise
  • Exportable to LaTeX, SVG, and common graphic formats
  • Import functions from system clipboard
  • Interpolation and regressions of data
  • Function analysis
  • As many secondary axes as you want
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